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Opendoor Business Model

Opendoor Business Model Canvas

Opendoor is a user-friendly digital real estate marketplace that buys, sells, and exchanges houses. The Opendoor business model is focused on profitably selling the residences it acquires.  The firm earns money through a sales commission — paid by the home seller — and interest on mortgage loans. With the support of substantial sums of startup […]

Home Depot Business Model

Home Depot Business Model Canvas - Home Depot Business Model

With over 2,300 physical stores in North America — accompanied by a strong online presence —, the Home Depot business model is focused on the sale of tools, construction products, appliances, and services for home improvement projects. Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement retailer, with about 490,600 employees and more than $151 billion […]

Steam Business Model

Steam Business Model Canvas - Steam Business Model

The Steam business model is designed as a platform for video game distribution where users can view, purchase, play, and even discuss video games. The gaming industry is categorized into: PC, Console, and Mobile gaming. While Console and Mobile gaming are dominated by other big game corporations — such as PlayStation (Sony) and Xbox (Microsoft) —, […]

Square Business Model

Square Business Model Canvas - Square Business Model

The growth of digital payment methods is undoubtedly one of the driving forces behind the dizzying boom in trade over the past few decades, both locally and internationally. Few companies have been closer to the forefront of this advancement than Square. Let’s take a look at the Square business model to get a deeper understanding […]

Redfin Business Model

Redfin Business Model Canvas - Redfin Business Model

The Redfin business model is centered around real estate brokerage services. Redfin is currently one of the most popular real estate platforms in America. According to the company, it has over 40 million monthly users. So, what makes this company stand out in the business world? Let’s find out with a business model analysis on […]

Coinbase Business Model

Coinbase Business Model Canvas - Coinbase Business Model

The Coinbase business model is mainly centered around transaction fees that users must pay for services like buying or selling on the platform. Coinbase is a relatively young company that has found major success in the cryptocurrency exchange market. So, we decided to do another business model analysis. This guide will break down Coinbase’s business […]



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