Honey Business Model

Honey Business Model Canvas - Honey Business Model

The Honey Business Model operates in the United States as a free browser extension app that offers its users promotional codes, automatic coupons, and saving deals for buying products on supported e-commerce websites. Honey aims to help its users save money through mouth-watering discounts when they shop online. A brief history of Honey Honey was […]

Productized Services

Productized Services Canvas - Productized Services

It is obvious to even the most casual observer that the service industry has seen significant growth in the last few decades. With this growth comes a wide range of innovations in various sectors, which have largely been responsible for the rapid development of the industry. One of these innovations is productized services. In this […]

Dollar General Business Model

Dollar General Business Model Canvas - Dollar General Business Model

Dollar General is a corporation that was set up to provide a selection of merchandise like consumables, home products, and apparel to consumers at a lower price than they would get elsewhere. The Dollar General business model is focused on making shopping stress-free and affordable by selling everyday items at low prices to customers looking […]

The Olympics Business Model

Olympics Business Model Canvas - Olympics Business Model

The Summer Olympics, formally known as “The Games of the Olympiad”, is an international sports festival held once every four years in a host country. These games have been a staple in world sports culture for 126 years, from the Summer Olympics that started in 1896 to the Winter Olympics that were included in 1924. […]

Warby Parker Business Model

Warby Parker Business Model Canvas - Warby Parker Business Model

Warby Parker is an eyewear firm that manufactures and sells quality and trendy prescription glasses, sunglasses, and other eyewear accessories to its customers through the company’s online channels or its retail outlets in cities across various states in the U.S. and Canada. A brief history of Warby Parker Warby Parker was launched in 2010 by […]

Sephora Business Model

Sephora's Business Model Canvas - Sephora Business Model

With stores all over the globe, Sephora has become one of the biggest beauty retailers from its humble beginnings as a French perfume shop. The company’s growth through a combination of unique retail strategy-online marketing combination is covered in the Sephora business model. Aside from serving as a platform for other beauty and cosmetic brands […]



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