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Productized Services

Productized Services Canvas - Productized Services

It is obvious to even the most casual observer that the service industry has seen significant growth in the last few decades. With this growth comes a wide range of innovations in various sectors, which have largely been responsible for the rapid development of the industry. One of these innovations is productized services. In this […]

Ghost Kitchen Business Model

Ghost Kitchen Business Model - Ghost Kitchen Business Model Canvas

The hospitality sector is not left out in the recent gravitation towards the use of technological innovations in business operations by small firms and big corporations. The internet and software applications have led to the emergence of a system that allows customers to find and patronize service providers with ease, while it also enables service […]

Blockchain Business Models

Blockchain Business Model Canvas

Since Satoshi Nakamoto published the article “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, in 2008 (and released the open code one year later), blockchain technology seems to have gained life into businesses. More and more companies have started operating with blockchain in their business. There are successful examples of blockchain business models already in course, and […]

Crowdsourcing Business Model

Crowdsourcing Business Model Canvas

As the name suggests, the crowdsourcing business model refers to when the crowd act as a source for the business – usually some multisided platform. There are many options of crowdsourcing, but all of them involve opening tasks of issues to a large group in order to receive their input for operation. The “crowd’ of this […]

Franchise Business Model

Franchise Business Model Canvas

The franchise business model is usually the business model chosen by those who want to start a new business, but do not have much idea how to begin it. That is because the franchising system allows you to acquire a ready-made business, with a consolidated brand and know-how already tested. Virtually, you buy a brand […]

Low Cost Business Model

Low Cost Business Model Canvas

In short words, the low cost business model is based on a strategy by which the business offers low prices in order to instigate demand thus, gaining market share. This business model can be adopted by virtually any company, but it is usually indicated in cases when there is no (or little) competitive advantage or […]



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