Pfizer Business Model

Pfizer Business Model Canvas - Pfizer Business Model

The Pfizer business model is centered around discovering, developing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, and distributing biopharmaceutical products around the world. It has garnered attention in the pharmaceutical industry because of its forward-thinking marketing and product development approach.  Pfizer is a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company that specializes in manufacturing drugs and vaccines that provide wellness or […]

Who Owns OpenAI?

Who Owns OpenAI?

OpenAI is owned by a group of investors, including Microsoft, Khosla Ventures, Reid Hoffman, Reid Hoffman, and a few others. However, the exact ownership structure is not publicly announced, since OpenAI is privately owned. Some of the founders of OpenAI are part of the investors who own the company. The founding of OpenAI has been […]

OpenAI Business Model

OpenAI Business Model Canvas - OpenAI Business Model

The OpenAI business model combines cutting-edge AI research with commercial applications of AI technology. The company’s business model is designed to advance the field of artificial intelligence safely and make the technology available to various businesses at affordable prices.  As a research organization, OpenAI has developed varieties of technologies and tools in the field of […]

Top 10 Starbucks Competitors & Alternatives

Starbucks Competitors - Top 10 Starbucks Competitors & Alternatives

Founded in 1971 by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker, Starbucks has grown from a small coffee roasting shop in Seattle’s Pike Place Market to become a global giant with more than 32,000 stores across the world. With such a significant presence worldwide, it faces competition from numerous players in different markets. In the […]

Merck Business Model

Merck Business Model Canvas - Merck Business Model

The Merck business model focuses on developing and selling pharmaceutical products to meet global market needs. Drugs from this company are used to treat a wide range of diseases like diabetes, heart-related complications, and cancer. Merck also deals with animal health products. Some years back, the company also specialized in developing consumer healthcare products before […]

Who Owns PayPal?

Who Owns PayPal?

Following its global popularity, it’s no doubt that many people would want to know who owns PayPal. The company is listed on the U.S. stock exchange, meaning private institutions and investors own it. In 2002, eBay invested $1.5 billion in PayPal’s acquisition. However, eBay split off the firm in 2015, facilitating PayPal’s recognition as an […]



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