Youtube Business Model

Youtube Business Model Canvas

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has become the leading online video platform, with over 1.5 billion active users and 300 hours of content uploaded every minute, so, it’s no wonder that businesses are eager to capitalize on this powerful channel. When it comes to platforms for video creators, it seems that there is no […]

McDonald’s Business Model

McDonald’s Business Model Canvas - McDonald’s Business Model

With close to 40,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries, the McDonald’s business model depends mainly on the sale of McDonald’s products by their franchisees, which usually lease properties owned by McDonald’s. The business model was first adopted by the brothers Richard James and Maurice James McDonald, who sold their business to Ray Kroc, their […]

Palantir Business Model

Palantir Business Model Canvas - Palantir Business Model

The Palantir business model was born from the necessity to combat modern-day terrorism, without compromising citizens’ fundamental rights. The company was designed to support United States intelligence services in the analyses of data, preventing possible threats, although, during recent years, it started to offer its services to private companies. Nowadays, the company has four consolidated […]

OpenSea Business Model

OpenSea Business Model Canvas

The OpenSea business model has scalable capabilities centered around allowing users to purchase, sell, and trade non-fungible tokens via its website. They make money through service fees generated whenever a digital asset is sold on their website. Since its launch, OpenSea has raised more than $421 million through NFT sales. A brief history of OpenSea […]

SWOT Analysis: Everything need to know

SWOT analysis

When it comes to business and organizational planning, you’ll undoubtedly hear about SWOT analysis. What is the SWOT analysis, and why should you use it? Simply put, SWOT analysis is a tool that can help you to evaluate your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It’s an essential tool for understanding your business environment and […]

The Benefits of User Story and How to Write it

Definitions of the user story terms and how they interact - User Story

As the name implies, the user story is about the relationship between the user and the product, seen from the perspective of the customer. It is an effective way to understand why – or why not – they would want your product, and it is particularly helpful to visualize some new or more specific functionality, […]



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