The Benefits of User Story and How to Write it

Definitions of the user story terms and how they interact - User Story

As the name implies, the user story is about the relationship between the user and the product, seen from the perspective of the customer. It is an effective way to understand why – or why not – they would want your product, and it is particularly helpful to visualize some new or more specific functionality, […]

What is Customer Discovery and Why you Should Care About it?

Top reasons why startups fail - customer discovery

If you are thinking of starting a new business or planning to launch a new product in the market, now is the perfect time for you to understand the meaning and application of customer discovery. Many startups were not able to survive in the market. Quite often, the problem is that new innovative ideas fail […]

9 Surprising Examples of Brand Promise and How They Made It Work

brand promise

What is a brand promise? The question you have just read is something that many business owners ask themselves, especially when they are first starting.  A brand promise is essentially a statement that defines what your company stands for. It can be something as simple as “we always put our customers first” or “we provide […]

The PayPal Mafia

PayPal Mafia Members

PayPal is a digital money-transferring service that facilitates payments and money transfers over the internet. The company was incorporated back in 1999 under Confinity, and later, purchased Confinity. Then, in 2002, eBay acquired PayPal. What is PayPal Mafia? The PayPal Mafia is a term coined to refer to a group of former PayPal executives […]

Robinhood Business Model

Robinhood Business Model Canvas - Robinhood Busienss Model

The Robinhood business model operates an online brokerage that offers commission-free trading by allowing users to buy and sell assets such as stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options, American depositary receipts (ADRs), and even cryptocurrencies.  This fintech company provides a mobile phone application and the users can also check on their financials through the company’s website […]



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