Netflix Business Model

Netflix Business Model Canvas

Netflix Business Model is a mix of On-Demand Subscription with All You Can Eat business models types. Let’s better understand that in this article. Quite possibly you’ve been in a circle of friends in which somebody comments about a series they watched recently and someone else asks, “Is that on Netflix?” That’s because Netflix is […]

Amazon Business Model

Amazon Business Model

Defining Amazon Business Model can be kind of a curious task, as we observe that this global trade giant increases its reach year by year, both geographically and in terms of products and services offered. To give you an idea of ​​the size of the business we’re talking about, in the time it takes you […]

Business Model Canvas: The Definitive Guide

What is the Business Model Canvas

For many years the term business model was used without a consensus in its definition. Many authors mentioned it without explaining exactly what they were talking about. And it was precisely thinking about it that the Swiss consultant Alexander Osterwalder began to develop his doctoral thesis that would give rise to the Business Model Canvas.



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