Samsung Mission and Vision Statement

Samsung Mission and Vision Statement

The Samsung mission statement is “We will devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society.” And the Samsung vision statement is “to inspire the world with our innovative technologies, products, and design that enrich people’s lives and contribute to social prosperity by creating a new future.” 

The Samsung Group, a global powerhouse boasting more than 80 subsidiaries, has achieved an incredible level of success in terms of revenue. Founded in Korea as an export and trading venture in 1938, the company has grown exponentially due to its ambition — outlined by its mission and vision statements —, to create products that benefit society as well as its customers. This dedication to providing high-quality items with positive effects on people’s lives has enabled Samsung to become one of the most beloved brands around the world. 

Samsung’s vision statement lays out its aspirations for the future, inspiring those around it to strive for progress. Concurrently, the mission statement outlines the strategies necessary to realize this vision and demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to excellence by emphasizing the creation of high-quality products with a lasting positive impact on society as a critical component of its growth objectives.

The company’s success is driven by its five core values: integrity, excellence, change, people, and co-prosperity. All of these principles are integral to meeting the company’s mission and vision goals. Combining them ensures that Samsung remains one of the premier firms in all of its worldwide markets today.

Samsung Mission Statement

Samsung Mission Statement - Samsung Mission and Vision Statement

Samsung’s mission statement is “We will devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society.” 

This simple yet powerful statement emphasizes the company’s commitment to creating high-quality products that not only benefit customers, but also improve the entire global community. 

The statement implies that Samsung has established itself as an industry leader in technological advancement and innovation. The company sees itself as a catalyst for positive change, believing its superior products should push other companies to develop similarly quality-driven solutions. Thus, they use this mission statement to reinforce the idea that they are capable of creating something with lasting global effects.

At its core, Samsung’s mission aims to develop products and services whose quality surpasses its peers. To do so, it sources talented human resources and employs advanced technology — two aspects that it highlights in its mission statement — to help achieve unprecedented results. As part of this process, the company considers customer needs and opinions when innovating its offerings to ensure their satisfaction with each purchase.  

In addition, Samsung has aspirations beyond its business operations; they seek to benefit society by providing access to improved technologies and professional education opportunities in regions where these resources have previously been scarce or completely absent.

It is plain here just how much the company values using its technological excellence for the betterment of humanity.

These elements make up the mission statement:

Global Impact

Samsung has always sought to be a responsible corporate citizen, by focusing its efforts beyond product provision and services. To this end, it continues to incorporate global impact into its mission statement, to improve both local and global communities. 

On an environmental front, Samsung has taken various initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and other negative impacts on the environment. Through its membership in the Basel Action Network (BAN), the company adheres to strict standards of e-waste recycling and handling, allowing it to dispose of surplus electronics without them entering landfills. Moreover, through its “Eco-Management Program,” Samsung seeks to increase efficiency in its resource use activities, such as green procurement and acceptable alternative paper products.

Samsung is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility, as exemplified through its eco-friendly practices and social contribution programs. These programs provide a platform for volunteer activities that help tackle global issues like promoting health and education among disadvantaged youth and providing assistance during natural disasters. Through these initiatives, Samsung continues to make a positive impact on the world.

Superior products and services

When it comes to providing its customers with quality products and services, Samsung takes no chances. They have consistently invested their resources in thorough research and development to stay at the forefront of innovation and reliability. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in the level of technology they strive to bring forth, ensuring that their devices are equipped with the most up-to-date features and functionalities to provide users with a simple yet powerful user experience.

Simultaneously, Samsung upholds an unwavering commitment to delivering remarkable customer service. Their customer service team is always ready to answer any queries or issues that may arise with their products and services, providing quick response times. 

They also strive to offer extensive technical guidance when needed and bestow helpful tips on how consumers can better utilize their product for maximum effectiveness. Notably, when facing more complex dilemmas involving their products or services, the company’s customer service reps are more than willing to go beyond simply addressing the problems and work diligently to resolve them.

By maintaining an unwavering commitment to top-notch quality in both its products and services, Samsung has achieved a meteoric rise among its competitors around the globe by offering premium electronic products at competitive prices without skimping on customer satisfaction or dependability. This strong dedication to excellence has consequently driven Samsung to become one of the preeminent technology companies of today.

Devote human resources and technology

In its mission statement, Samsung shows the critical importance it attaches to human resources and technology. It is a declaration that the company is ready to do anything possible to reach its ambitious goals.

This commitment has been backed up by the dedication of Samsung’s people towards finding the best tech gurus and brightest minds who can keep its innovation agenda at a cutting-edge level. It is also an assurance that any technological advancements made to enhance their products or services will be applied with the utmost passion and commitment, aiming for excellence at all times.

For Samsung to achieve this goal, it consistently looks for creative ways to leverage modern technology to not only create products and services of superior quality but, more importantly, make them more accessible to wider market segments across different countries.

Apart from investing in creating amazing new devices that serve customers better, they have also invested heavily in digitizing processes within their organization to ensure efficiency and scalability while creating unique experiences even beyond individual products. 

In fact, they have aggressively pushed into multiple categories like smartphones, TVs, home appliances, and AI, which quickly became one of their most successful divisions due to its advanced engineering capabilities that are continuously pushing the boundaries of what ordinary consumer expectations should be as well as utilizing its dominance in the technology space as both a strength and competitive edge against other players. 

By dedicating these two crucial aspects — human resources and technology —, Samsung demonstrates yet again how far its preparedness goes when it comes to delivering top-notch customer service anytime, anywhere, regardless of the challenges faced along the way.

Samsung Vision Statement

Samsung Vision Statement - Samsung Mission and Vision Statement

Samsung’s vision statement is “to inspire the world with our innovative technologies, products, and design that enrich people’s lives and contribute to social prosperity by creating a new future.” 

Samsung’s vision statement reflects its commitment to making life easier and more enjoyable through technology. By “inspiring the world” with innovation, Samsung shows that they believe in its ability to create something new and powerful that will truly benefit society. This sets them apart from other companies that simply look to make money or compete with one another; rather, Samsung is striving to use its resources and knowledge to better people’s lives. 

The statement underscores Samsung’s commitment to revolutionizing how people live in the modern world through its innovative products and services. This includes an impressive line-up of devices, from the latest smartphones and wearables to home appliances and artificial intelligence technology like Bixby Vision.

With these advancements, users are empowered with quicker access to information than ever before; they can keep in touch no matter where they are; monitor their health from a distance; and reduce their energy consumption at home, all while saving money in the process. 

In addition to enhancing everyday life for consumers worldwide through its technological advancements, Samsung seeks to contribute even further by aiding social prosperity initiatives around the world.

The company has sponsored numerous community events across all continents it operates in, such as educational seminars and competitions for students on coding basics in South Africa or training 50,000 youth in India—just a couple examples of leveraging its resources for good. 

Inspire the world

“Inspire the World” in this vision statement is based on its desire to motivate and inspire people through its products, services, and solutions. Samsung seeks to create a positive impact on society that transcends borders while understanding cultural diversities across the globe. By doing this, Samsung strives to elevate customers’ lifestyles by creating products, services, and solutions that cater to their specific needs. 

With their keen focus on precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail, Samsung has a reputation for manufacturing top-notch gadgets that, not only boast sophisticated designs, but also harness innovative technologies designed to maximize efficiency and ease of use.

As an example, Samsung has pioneered cutting-edge features such as 5G networks in smartphones, giving users lightning speeds for even the most data-intensive tasks. Their imaginative approach is sure to keep customers enticed by the possibilities of modern technology that Samsung provides, empowering them with the ability to explore new frontiers in their lives. 

Samsung also makes a concerted effort to invest significantly in research to find new, sustainable methods of production and develop products that add value to customers’ lives. This could be anything from consumer electronics and home appliances to automobiles or even entire cities connected by cutting-edge technology such as smart grids or AI. Thanks to its devoted engineering staff, Samsung is able to stay ahead of the curve while providing customers with innovative solutions powered by the latest technologies available. 

In addition, as previously mentioned in their mission statement, Samsung is actively involved in social initiatives to provide support for educational programs for children from underprivileged countries through foundations initiated and sponsored by the company over recent years. 

The ultimate goal of these actions is not only to create jobs, but also to inspire and empower people from around the world to make positive changes in their communities through emerging technologies such as IoT and renewable energy solutions embedded in our modern appliances and devices. This collective effort towards making a change brings great pride within our organization as well as to those whose lives have been positively impacted — inspiring us all each day.

Focus on innovations

Samsung has a strong commitment to innovation in its products and services. As part of their vision statement, they are focused on creating “innovative technologies, products, and designs” to improve lives and “contribute to social prosperity by creating a new future.” Samsung strives to be at the forefront of technological advancements, which is reflected in its product designs, engineering processes, and look and feel. 

At Samsung, innovation is a continual process that requires constant research and development (R&D). In 2022, Samsung allocated an impressive 24.9 trillion won ($18.8 billion) to their R&D endeavors, resulting in over 6,200 new patent applications worldwide. This demonstrates the company’s dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies while concurrently developing pioneering products.

Apart from technological advancement, Samsung also aims for user experience improvements whenever possible — whether it’s optimizing audio quality or introducing features like Quick Share for seamless file transfer between devices. These enhancements help place them ahead of other competitors despite having similar products on offer. 

The combination of R&D focus and user experience optimization shows how seriously Samsung takes its mission statement: “to devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services” —, while keeping us excited about what inspiring creations they might come up with next!

Contributing to social prosperity

Samsung considers its presence in the electronic and other product markets an important opportunity to contribute to social prosperity. The company strives to create devices that make life simpler, easier, more productive, and more enjoyable. Through powerful technology, Samsung wants customers to be able to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues while also enjoying multimedia content in ways never before possible.

The commitment of Samsung is also shown through efforts in areas like education, industry training, cultural development, job creation, and global health initiatives. For example, the company has invested heavily in creating educational programs around STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields for schools in the US. This goes beyond just providing access to technology, but also providing knowledge on how it can be used for positive outcomes. Samsung also provides support for educational programs such as Girls Who Code, which seeks to remove existing gender barriers in STEM fields by connecting girls across the globe virtually using their own technology.

In addition, Samsung has set up numerous job-formation opportunities at factories around the world, where factory workers are taught important skills related to electronics products that can help them find better jobs or start their businesses. These jobs often provide much-needed income for those who might otherwise not have access to or opportunities in their local sectors of employment or nearby countries due to economic differences between them.

Core Values

The core values at Samsung — people, excellence, change, integrity, and co-prosperity — are reflected in the diverse cultures of its facilities worldwide.

Samsung’s core values emphasize the importance of people first and foremost. All employees are highly respected, and their well-being is always taken into consideration. To ensure this is achieved, the company looks to ensure its workforce feels safe, valued, and motivated at all times. This way, everyone is able to come together for positive change that supports the entire Samsung community.

The company also believes in excellence in everything it does. Employees are encouraged to take on challenging projects and look for opportunities to continuously develop and expand their skill sets, which can then be used to create more value for customers. In addition, Samsung also seeks out feedback from its employees to identify areas for improvement and make sure all services meet high-quality standards.

The third core value of Samsung is change, which refers both internally within the company and externally to technological advancements in products and services. As technology continues to innovate at an unprecedented rate, Samsung needs to stay ahead of these changes by making continuous improvements to remain a leader in its industry. This means adapting quickly through initiatives such as new product designs or enhanced customer service processes, while always looking towards a better future and creating opportunities for long-term growth rather than short-term success through quick fixes.

Integrity is another important part of the Samsung culture; employees are expected to act honestly at all times when dealing with colleagues or customers. This includes maintaining clear communication regarding expectations for delivery timescales and ensuring consistency with respect to customer service standards across divisions or geographical locations, if necessary.

In addition, transparency should be maintained throughout the various departments so that data is both accurate and accessible when required by stakeholders or regulators who need access to it without any risk or breach of security policy protocols — thereby, strengthening trust between business partners at every stage of operational procedures, resulting in higher confidence levels overall throughout product life cycles while using ethically sourced materials and resources during the building phase(s).

Samsung’s co-prosperity ethos seeks to establish a win-win environment between collaborating companies wherein both parties can reap the rewards and benefits, regardless of the project that they are working on together. This approach does not prioritize one party over the other, allowing for more tremendous success for all involved.


Samsung’s mission and vision statements have played a pivotal role in its growth from a small trading company to one of the largest global companies today. Its mission statement outlines the unmatched quality of its products, while its vision statement guides it toward inspiring and influencing individuals and communities both near and far. Through its core values, the management of the company is able to implement strategies to further bring about success for Samsung in line with these statements.



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