PepsiCo Mission and Vision Statement

PepsiCo Mission and Vision Statement

The PepsiCo mission statement is to “create more smiles with every sip and every bite.” And the PepsiCo vision statement is to “be the global leader in convenient foods and beverages by winning with a purpose.”

Founded in 1965 through a merger between Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay, PepsiCo is a global corporation based in Purchase, New York. It has grown to become one of the world’s biggest producers and distributors of snacks, food, and beverages. The company’s mission and vision statements have been vital to their success in becoming a leader within their industry.

PepsiCo’s mission statement aims to maximize performance while giving customers the best possible product experience. Its vision statement focuses on fulfilling its responsibilities as a global leader by providing products that are accessible to many people around the world with no compromise on quality.

These two statements have guided PepsiCo through every decision they have made throughout its growth since 1965, from diversifying its portfolio of products to expanding into international markets. The core values inherent within these statements continue to shape its business strategies today and drive it forward with confidence toward future objectives.

PepsiCo’s Mission Statement

PepsiCo Mission Statement - PepsiCo Mission and Vision Statement

PepsiCo’s mission statement is to “create more smiles with every sip and every bite.” 

It is founded on the idea that creating smiles — for its customers, partners, communities, and employees — is the key to its success as a global food and beverage company. PepsiCo aims to create moments of joy for consumers through delicious treats, nourishing snacks, and convenient meals.

For consumer

PepsiCo’s mission is to bring joy to its customers by providing an array of unique and enjoyable products at a worldwide level. They strive daily to make sure the over one billion people they serve in more than 200 countries around the globe are smiling.

By creating diverse product portfolios that appeal to many different lifestyles and target markets, PepsiCo can provide enjoyable experiences that customers can rely upon time and time again. From hugely popular snacks such as Lay’s potato chips to low-sugar energy drinks such as Mountain Dew, PepsiCo has something for everyone.

PepsiCo is dedicated to providing customers in Europe, North America, Africa, and the Asia Pacific with products of exceptional flavor, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and availability. Not only do they strive to meet their customers’ needs each day, but they also work diligently towards protecting health and nutrition through extensive research and constantly improving their product portfolio. 

The company’s dedication to making positive changes has seen it achieve goals such as offering healthier refreshment options like Tropicana juices. Through this continued commitment towards delivering quality products made responsibly, while looking out for the health of both people and the planet alike, it’s easy to see why so many customers love shopping with PepsiCo.

For customers

PepsiCo is devoted to bringing joy to its customers and creating an unparalleled experience with its top-notch products, services, and customer support. They are committed to providing superior beverages and snacks while upholding a commitment to excellent customer service. Through cutting-edge product design, packaging solutions, impeccable delivery assurance, and comprehensive after-sale care, PepsiCo is dedicated to delivering the best possible experiences for its business customers each time they make a purchase.

The company puts a special focus on creating unique consumer experiences that build trust in their brand and make them stand out from competitors. Every package or product they create has been crafted with attention given to detail, from the visual appeal of labels, graphics, presentation boxes, etc., down the line, right through the taste associated with each item. To make sure consumers get what they want when buying from PepsiCo, rigorous testing standards are put into place to verify that quality meets consumer expectations at all times.

To further enhance customer satisfaction, PepsiCo offers reliable delivery solutions through partnerships with third-party shipping providers. This guarantees the timely arrival of orders that are free from any issues related to missed deliveries or lost shipments. The company also provides flexible payment terms and attractive discounts for bulk purchases, which enable businesses to acquire Pepsi goods without worrying about financial burdens.

For acquaintances and society

PepsiCo is committed to creating meaningful opportunities for its acquaintances, as well as positively impacting society. It gives individuals the resources they need to develop vital skills and secure successful careers, while providing job prospects in various fields and industries to those seeking employment, ultimately boosting local employment and stimulating economic growth.

PepsiCo also makes an effort to be inclusive when it comes to diversity within the workplace by creating a welcoming space where everyone feels accepted and comfortable. As part of this mission statement, PepsiCo is dedicated to providing equal access for all genders, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds so that everyone has equal footing when it comes to achievement and success within their respective fields or industries. 

At the same time, PepsiCo actively looks for ways in which it can give back to society as a whole through charitable contributions and initiatives, from donations made directly towards certain causes to supporting programs geared towards helping those in need. Whether it’s donating funds for medical treatment or helping promote education initiatives aimed at bettering communities around them, PepsiCo aims to make life better on a larger scale. With this mission statement in mind, they have been able to make a positive impact on society while creating smiles across generations.

For Shareholders

By practicing the best corporate and ethical governance, PepsiCo is able to bring smiles to its shareholders while also delivering a satisfactory total shareholder return (TSR). In 2022 alone, the company achieved an impressive TSR of 6.6%, compounded with an annualized TSR of 12.5% between 2019-22.

To ensure lasting success and lucrative returns for stakeholders, Pepsi strictly adheres to stringent corporate and ethical governance regulations. Their Board of Directors is mandated to include independent oversight members who provide consistent guidance as well as sensible advice on strategic decision-making. They also prioritize strong communication with investors through regular quarterly reports, webcasts, annual meetings, and non-deal investor roadshows.

In addition, they strive to comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as maintain efficient information systems that aid transparency in decision-making or corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company is committed to creating value for shareholders over time through profitable investments via a combination of organic growth initiatives, such as product innovation or marketing campaigns, alongside diversity and inclusion projects. They allocate capital smartly, focusing on long-term values, to deploy funds efficiently while minimizing risk exposure along the way.

For the world

PepsiCo is committed to going beyond just bringing smiles to the world. The company plays an active role in helping conserve the environment and protect our non-renewable resources. Through its sustainability initiatives, PepsiCo is actively taking measures to reduce its carbon footprint, enhance water efficiency, and minimize waste.

PepsiCo also shares its knowledge of sustainability practices with other companies to help support a shift towards a more sustainable future for all. The company works closely with partners like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the National Geographic Society to develop partnerships that are focused on protecting resources and restoring ecosystems around the world. This includes projects such as protecting coral reefs, reducing plastic pollution in rivers, lakes, and oceans, conserving Arctic Ocean ecosystems, restoring peatlands in Indonesia, promoting marine conservation efforts in Mexico, and many others. 

PepsiCo’s mission is to ensure that all stakeholders can benefit from a healthier planet, and they have taken steps to take this through their Food for Good initiative. This program invests in local African entrepreneurs who are working to improve communities through agricultural development. PepsiCo also established a global nutrition team to research responsible product labeling and nutrition information so that customers can make informed choices about their purchases.

The company continues to make strides in improving health outcomes by reducing sodium levels worldwide and implementing new programs such as “Performance with Purpose,” which urges its employees around the world to set sustainable growth goals while considering an environmental change. As part of the Performance with Purpose campaign, executives at PepsiCo are endeavoring to create healthy food options for populations suffering from malnutrition or hunger.

PepsiCo Vision Statement

PepsiCo Vision Statement - PepsiCo Mission and Vision Statement

PepsiCo’s vision statement is to “be the global leader in convenient foods and beverages by winning with a purpose.” This vision seeks to position PepsiCo as the premier provider of convenient food and beverage products around the world while emphasizing an emphasis on achieving success through purposes that are bigger than just profits. To accomplish this goal, PepsiCo has set three aspirations: FASTER, STRONGER, and BETTER.

To become faster, the company is focusing on accelerating innovation and expanding into new markets quickly. To be stronger, they plan to use resources efficiently and increase their competitive advantage. In becoming better, the objective is to promote sustainability across their operations while creating value for all stakeholders — customers, partners, employees, and shareholders alike.

By pursuing these objectives simultaneously, PepsiCo expects to achieve its vision of becoming the global leader in convenience foods and beverages by winning with a purpose.

Their vision statement consists of these elements:

Become global leader in convenient foods and beverages

PepsiCo is dedicated to becoming a globally-recognized leader in the convenience food and beverage industry. The company acknowledges that this sector is ever-evolving, thus necessitating consistent investments in product development, technological advancement, operational excellence, and marketing if they are to maintain its competitive edge. This implies that PepsiCo has taken on the challenge of creating value for its customers by continuously improving its products and services.

To achieve this goal, PepsiCo has adopted several strategies, including investing in research and development to develop innovative products that are safe for consumers; expanding into new international markets; targeting a variety of customer segments with tailored offerings; leveraging technology to improve efficiency; increasing its presence across various channels such as retail and e-commerce; investing in sustainability initiatives that yield long-term returns; building relationships with local communities through social responsibility efforts; and actively seeking opportunities outside the traditional core business.

By taking these steps, PepsiCo hopes to reap the rewards of being an established global leader in the convenience food space while maintaining long-term financial success.

Winning with purpose

This PepsiCo vision statement element is reflected in their dedication to completing their objectives and ambitions. This translates to pursuing excellence as they strive towards achieving the highest level of performance across all areas of the company. The business believes that by staying firmly committed to this principle and having an understanding of its target audience’s desires, success will be within reach.

At PepsiCo, ambition is everything — it’s how they continue to expand their presence around the world. The company focuses on staying ahead of trends in innovation and developing new products that fuel future growth domestically as well as internationally. PepsiCo also remains dedicated to giving back through charitable partnerships and community outreach initiatives that make a positive impact across the globe.

PepsiCo’s values are centered around achieving success through purpose-driven goals; this vision embodies not only its pursuit of profit but also the expansion of possibilities and resources for those in its network. Such ambition sets PepsiCo apart from other corporations that merely focus on profits while neglecting to reinvest in society. This larger vision and long-term objectives have enabled them to be recognized as industry leaders in sustainability and make a positive impact on the lives of staff members worldwide by offering rewarding career opportunities.


PepsiCo’s ambition is to outpace the competition and remain a leader in the business realm. To accomplish this, they prioritize customer satisfaction and invest in growth opportunities that can bolster their market presence. PepsiCo also looks for novel ways of improving efficiency and effectiveness within its processes through innovation.

This means embracing technology to develop innovative solutions, implementing automation tools, utilizing data-driven decision-making processes, and taking advantage of the opportunities provided by digital transformation. In addition, they plan on investing further in research and development so that they can continue to create better products that meet customer demands. 

The company’s goal is to transform into a nimble organization that uses speed as an advantage in the marketplace, instead of becoming bogged down with bureaucracy or large investments without calculated returns. This includes streamlining processes, empowering employees with quick decision-making capabilities, and creating agile teams capable of quickly responding to changing trends within the industry.


PepsiCo’s vision to become stronger begins with building upon its core capabilities. The company aims to identify and develop processes that will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. This includes leveraging advanced technology for more efficient operations, enhancing training opportunities for employees, and ensuring the products customers receive meet their expectations. With the help of these improved processes, PepsiCo can focus on delivering a quality product without compromising on cost or sustainability. 

At the same time, PepsiCo plans on improving its employee culture, which further enhances its ability to become stronger through developing a better work environment that can sustain employee motivation. This involves implementing policies such as flexible working hours, greater autonomy for employees in decision-making processes, creating an atmosphere of collaboration among workers at all levels of the organization, and providing support services such as health benefits and wellness initiatives.

All these efforts enable PepsiCo to spur innovation, boost morale, create an engaged workforce, and increase overall productivity, thus strengthening its brand overall. 


PepsiCo’s vision statement is to “be the global leader in convenient foods and beverages by winning with a purpose.” Through this ambitious goal, PepsiCo plans to become a better company by integrating its vision into its business strategy. This will include focusing on sustainability initiatives, engaging with communities, providing nutritious options for customers, and enhancing lives through unique product experiences. 

At the heart of PepsiCo’s ambition lies a commitment to giving back to society and making an enduring impact on our planet. To this end, they have generously donated food aid and provided access to clean water across the globe, as well as implemented corporate social responsibility initiatives, including reducing climate impacts from operations and supply chains, responsibly sourcing packaging materials from sustainably managed forestry resources, setting energy use reduction targets, and improving recycling rate goals for 2030

Aside from giving back, PepsiCo strives to create an environment where employees can thrive while still advancing business strategies that enhance lives around the world through product experiences like game-changing products and market innovations that provide healthier snacks like whole grain crackers with olive oil or guacamole flavored chips with zero trans fat content.

The organization also works hard towards promoting gender equality (such as closing any potential pay gaps between males/females), which contributes directly towards creating greater opportunities for women within their workplace environment.

Core Values

PepsiCo is devoted to driving long-term progress by empowering individuals to act in an accountable manner and fostering trust. This is evidenced in this core values statement: “PepsiCo is committed to delivering sustained growth through empowered people acting responsibly and building trust.”

PepsiCo believes that its employees are the reason for its success; therefore, it strives to create a work environment of inclusivity and collaboration that empowers individuals to pursue their passions. As such, PepsiCo works hard to ensure its workers feel valued and respected by providing safe working conditions and enriching career experiences.

The core values statement can be divided into these sections:

Consistent Growth

PepsiCo expects its employees to have the insight and foresight necessary to ensure consistent growth. This is fundamental to positioning the company for long-term prosperity and remains a principle of great esteem within its core values. Employees must exhibit other laudable capabilities, such as innovation, ambition, and dedication, to attain continued success without stagnation.

Sustained growth allows PepsiCo to be able to continually develop and improve, ensuring that both individuals and the company are constantly advancing. For this to be achieved, the team needs to have an understanding of what the goals are that they must reach over time and plan how they will get there.

PepsiCo encourages its workforce to think with a long-term mindset, envisioning how each of its actions today will contribute towards future successes tomorrow. As employees embody this philosophy, they not only help themselves grow, but also propel the entire organization forward on its journey toward achieving greatness.

Empowered People

PepsiCo is an organization that strongly believes in empowering its people and having its employees take ownership of their work. This means giving them the freedom to act without excessive oversight, as long as it is within the company’s governance. PepsiCo emphasizes trust and accountability, expecting hands-on individuals who can show initiative in getting tasks completed correctly and on time. The company fosters a culture where workers are encouraged to be independent while remaining accountable for their actions. 

By granting autonomy to employees, PepsiCo strives to motivate them to become more productive and creative in problem-solving. They also foster development by allowing their people the opportunity for growth through challenging responsibilities with increasing complexity.

At the end of the day, PepsiCo knows that relying on their employees’ skills is what will help make their company successful; they understand that employee empowerment provides a competitive advantage over others in the industry.

Responsibility and Trust

PepsiCo firmly values corporate responsibility and trust, understanding that employees must rely on their judgment and be mindful of relevant regulations and policies when making decisions. Through this commitment to ethical behavior, PepsiCo strives to ensure that its operations remain compliant with applicable laws, codes of conduct, and accepted standards of practice. Trust is also a key element to the successful operation of PepsiCo, as it builds an environment where employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions and reaching new heights.

The company trusts its workers to be honest, reliable, dependable, and accountable for their actions both inside and outside the organization. In turn, this builds a culture of mutual respect, which fosters growth for all involved. These core values are essential for building strong relationships between all levels of management — from upper management right down to on-the-ground workforces — and strengthening how businesses operate moving forward.


PepsiCo’s success as a multi-billion dollar food and beverage corporation is due in large part to its mission and vision statements. By creating effective strategies that focus on customer satisfaction, product diversification, market dominance, and leadership responsibilities within the company itself, PepsiCo has developed a formula for long-term success.

This is further underscored by the core values that are entrenched within the company culture, reinforcing their commitment to meeting the goals set out in their mission and vision statements.



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