WeWork Business Model

Wework business model canvas - wework business model

Our workspaces are a daily part of our lives, but sometimes they can be really expensive, especially for freelancers or those who are just starting a business. The WeWork business model has been built precisely on this demand: the company offers shared workspaces for co-working. WeWork builds physical and virtual offices for entrepreneurs and companies, […]

Affirm Business Model

Affirm Business Model Canvas - Affirm Business Model

The Affirm business model is the result of its founder’s perception, that in the future, customers are going to be ruled by the products or services that offer utility, convenience, and efficiency — all at the same time. If your finances are stretched, but you need to make an emergency buyout, you can take credit […]

Amway Business Model

Amway Business Model Canvas - Amway Business Model

Named after the expression “American Way”, this company has already been one of the top-performing businesses in the world, also featured in the Forbes Magazine. The Amway business model is currently based on direct selling and multi-level marketing and has faced some controversies in the past.  Let’s go a little deeper into the Amway business […]

GoodRx Business Model


Founded only one decade ago, GoodRX has grown to become one of the largest players in the online healthcare industry. The GoodRX business model is based on an app and a website that enables users to compare prescription prices at over 70,000 pharmacies throughout the United States, including names such as Walmart, Kroger, CVS Pharmacy, […]

DoorDash Business Model

DoorDash is maybe the most popular meal-delivery service in the U.S. and has hundreds of thousands of users. The DoorDash business model aims to benefit both users and restaurants, since it allows individuals to order food and beverage from different places on one single platform while providing the businesses with an extended customer base. DoorDash […]

TikTok Business Model

The TikTok business model primary idea was fast content, with 15 seconds of homemade videos, with dancing, lip-sync, and make-up challenges. This new concept of video made TikTok a popular influence that, in a few years, became a 50-billion-worth-startup. A brief history of TikTok TikTok was launched by ByteDance, a company founded by Zhang Yiming, […]



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